Looprope revolutionary fastening system 4 foot loop rope

Looprope revolutionary fastening system 4 foot loop rope

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Loop rope is a revolutionary fastening system that is a fast and safer alternative to bungee cords, ropes and cargo nets.

It's extremely versatile and available in a range of sizes.

Each looprope is also supplied with two stainless steel s-clips

We'll let the inventor tell you why!

"Just like the guy next to me at the disposal station, I was struggling to untie a rat’s nest of knots in a rope holding down my tarp. Being a guy not good at tying knots in the first place, it occurred to me just how useful a rope would be with hitch knots in it whereby I could zip tie them together to create the tensions I needed to hold stuff in place. I went directly to the local hardware store, bought some industrial zip ties and a rope, tied hitch knots in it and used it just as planned moving from one house to another. It worked and after much prototyping in my garage I have landed on what it is today, a product that eliminates the daily use of dangerous and limiting bungee cords and messy cargo nets. LoopRope is fully adjustable, safer than traditional bungee cords and it never tangles. I like to refer to it as LoopTechnology as the uses are truly endless!"

Jeff Dahl/Inventor



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